Firearms Warning



RETAY USA believes that safe firearms handling is the most important consideration of anyone who uses firearms and ammunition. Please take a few minutes to thoroughly read and understand this instruction manual included with this shotgun. You should completely understand this manual before you practice loading, unloading and firing with live ammunition. Remember, firearms safety does depend on you!





  • Important warnings, which should be read and understood before using your new firearm.


  • Disregarding warnings in this manual may result in injury or death to you and others and damage to property.


  • Directions and procedures for handling loading, firing and unloading.


  • Instructions for care, cleaning, repair, and service of this shotgun. This instruction and safety manual is designed to help you in learning how to properly use and care for your Over and Under shotgun. Only when you are certain you have fully familiarized yourself with the function of your firearm should you practice loading, unloading and firing with live rounds of ammunition. This instruction manual should always accompany this firearm, and be transferred with it upon change of ownership.




TF RETAY LLC its affiliates or assigns shall not be responsible for product malfunctioning or for physical injury, death or damage to property resulting from either intentional or accidental discharge of this firearm, its criminal or negligent use, improper or careless handling, unauthorized modifications or alteration, use of defective or improper or hand-loaded or (replaced) ammunition, or from its
use for purposes or subjection to treatment for which it was not designed. For your safety, use only original high quality commercially manufactured ammunition in good condition that is
appropriate to the caliber/gauge of your gun. TF RETAY LLC 
shall not be responsible for product or its result from use of defective, improper or reloaded ammunition.




Discharging firearms in poorly ventilated areas, cleaning firearms, or handling ammunition may result in exposure to lead and other substances that may cause birth defects, reproductive harm, and other serious physical injury. Have adequate ventilation at all times. Wash your hands thoroughly after exposure. Shooting or cleaning guns may expose you to lead.




Prior to removing this gun from its packaging, and prior to loading and firing, carefully and thoroughly read the entire instruction manual which gives advice on the gun's proper handling and functioning. However, your safety and that of others (including your family) depends on your responsible compliance with that advice.



Careless and improper handling of this gun could result in unintended discharge causing injury, death or property damage. Safety must be the first and constant consideration when handling a firearm and ammunition.   This shotgun was designed to function properly in its original condition. Alterations can make it unsafe. Do not alter any part or add or replace parts.


Shotguns should only be carried with the action open and chambers empty to prevent accidental discharge.   Always handle and treat your gun as if it were loaded so you never fire it accidentally when you think it is unloaded. Never take anyone's word it is unloaded. Always check it yourself with your fingers off the trigger and the gun pointed in a safe direction.


Never place your finger inside the trigger guard unless you intend to fire.   Water, snow, mud, excessive lubricating oil or grease or any other material can obstruct the barrel of your gun. Always check the barrel of your firearm for obstruction before loading and firing. Clean a fouled gun immediately to ensure its correct and safe function.   Keep the gun's muzzle pointed in a safe direction at all times. Never let the muzzle of a firearm point at any part of your body, another person or at anything you do not intend to shoot. Always be certain of your target before firing.





Firearms and ammunition should be safely stored separately so that they are inaccessible to children or   Always make sure your gun is not loaded before cleaning, storing, or handing it to another person.   Always wear safety glasses while shooting to protect your eyes from injury by gun powder, gas, lubricant, dirt or metallic particles, carbon residue, parks or other debris.   Always wear ear protection when shooting, especially on a range. Without ear protection, the noise from your gun, and other guns close to you, could leave a "ringing" in the ears for some time after firing. Repeated exposure to shooting noise could result in permanent hearing loss.   Never climb a tree, fence or wall while carrying a loaded firearm.   Don't shoot at a hard surface, or at water. A pellet may ricochet and travel in unpredictable directions to strike you or an object you cannot see.   Firearms and alcohol don't mix. Never drink alcoholic beverages or take drugs before or during shooting, as this constitutes criminal disregard for your safety and that of others. Never use a gun while you are taking medication unless you have checked with your doctor to ensure your fitness to handle your gun safely.   If you have any doubts about your ability to handle or use this shotgun safely, seek supervised instruction.   Horseplay has no place around firearms. Guns can't think, you can!


Remember, safety is your responsibility, be a safe shooter.