RETAY ARMS Names Importer For US Market.

by Shopify Expert November 15, 2017

RETAY ARMS Names Importer For US Market.

T. Ferney & Co. LLC Tapped To Roll Out RETAY ARMS Products In USA.

Retay Arms Headquarters In Konya Turkey

WASHINGTON D.C.  2017 - RETAY ARMS LTD. STI. of Konya Turkey announces it has partnered with T.Ferney & Co. LLC. of Washington D.C. to import and distribute their product lines in the United States beginning in Fall of 2017. Sem GURAY, Head of Global Marketing for RETAY ARMS has spearheaded the effort to find a suitable US based partner to coordinate US operations including importation, wholesale distribution, marketing and strategy. Thomas Ferney & Co. founder and CEO, Christian Handy plans to take delivery of the first shipments of RETAY ARMS products in the 3rd quarter of 2017.

Retay Arms Logo


RETAY ARMS  was founded in 2006 with a mission to set a new standard of excellence in the Turkish firearms industry.
Since then, RETAY ARMS has established a solid reputation worldwide with innovative designs, quality craftsmanship and industry leading products. It remains their central mission to promote growth by manufacturing the best, most beautiful, and highest quality firearms in the world.

RETAY ARMS products include Firearms, Airguns, and Blank Pistols that have until now been available only outside of the United States.

RETAY ARMS products are designed and manufactured using sophisticated modern techniques, machines and materials. RETAY has a workforce of over 150 skilled workers including teams of designers, engineers, and craftsmen.

Design production and assembly processes are completed “in house” at RETAY’s state of the art headquarters facility in the city of Konya, located in central Turkey.
Housing executive leadership, design department and manufacturing under the same roof gives RETAY total control over the quality of their products and it offers RETAY the ability to quickly respond to the needs of customers worldwide.

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T.Ferney & Co. LLC

T. FERNEY & Co. LLC was founded in 2010 and has been importing high end hunting shotguns to the United States since then.

T.Ferney &. Co. is licensed by the BATFE as both an importer and manufacturer of firearms. In addition to RETAY ARMS, T.Ferney & Co. operates the THOMAS FERNEY brand which is well known for its traditional sporting products including high quality hunting shotguns, gun cases and field luggage.,
T.Ferney & Co. operates from it headquarters outside of Washington DC and plans to distribute RETAY ARMS products to a network of firearms wholesalers, buying groups and retailers throughout the United States.

For More Information Contact Christian Handy:

This press release was written and distributed by T.Ferney & Co. LLC

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