A customer review of the RETAY ARMS Masai Mara Shotgun

by Shopify Expert November 21, 2017

Customer Feedback On The Retay Arms Masai Mara Shotgun 

I'm always so pleased to hear from my customers especially when they have an outstanding experience with a new product. The first shipment of Masai Mara shotguns had not even landed yet when I got an email from Rob say that he had gotten wind Thomas Ferney & Co. would be importing Retay Arms new Masai Mara shotgun to the US for the first time and he wanted to be on the list to receive one of the first examples. 

Thank you Rob for your early adopter spirit and thank you for taking the time to share you thoughts with me!

( Rob's comments on his experience shooting his new Masai Mara shotgun follow ) 


Shot sporting clays with the Masai Mara this weekend. Very favorable first impression. Flawless cycling, shooting 6 boxes of 2 3/4” 1200 fps #8 through the IC choke, with only a little oil applied before starting.

Took me a couple of boxes to realize that it shoots pretty much right down the sights, which is lower than my game and sporting clays guns, which tend to shoot slightly high. Not a bad thing, just something to get used to.

I think the trigger is substantially better than most others I’ve tried on semi-auto’s. Specifically my Browning Maxus trigger feels like a damn brick in comparison. I didn’t measure the pull weight but I’d bet it’s well under 5 lbs. Very nice.

All in all, I think Retay really built a winner. The wood quality, the trigger quality, the case, and all of the extras (chokes, tools, shims, etc.) make these guns the best value out there.



ps. You have my permission to use this on your website, or in promo materials including social media.

If you are interested in learning more about the Masai Mara shotgun by Retay Arms contact us, we are always happy to answer questions or take your comments.


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